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From JK to Grade 8 

Our approach is to look at the child as a whole and provide thorough academic preparation and character education within a culture of belonging. Our balanced approach begins at an early age with chid-led inquiry and teacher-guided learning. Thorough academic preparation, as well, deepens across all subjects as students mature so that they are engaged, keen and future-ready in high school and beyond.

Unparalleled Access & Meaningful Learning

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, our campus offers a unique blend of urban and nature-based learning opportunities. Nature walks, trips to the ROM and AGO, and physical education at the RCYC and the University of Toronto are all part the RDS advantage. 

Capable and Compassionate Leaders 

Students learn structured literacy in tandem with social-emotional education so that they can co-regulate, problem solve, and excel as learners for life.

As children grow, they are introduced to a gender-aware and culturally responsible pedagogy while taking ownership of their actions through productive failure, compassionate leadership and solution-oriented thinking.

A Balanced Curriculum

The RDS Community offers a cross-curricular approach. What is taught in one class will be reflected upon in another. This type of multi-modality learning allows for students to access subjects like math and science from an art or music perspective. For example, our Grade 8's learn how to mix, edit, and compose music on Digital Audio Workspaces (DAW's) while our Grade 4's use 3D printers to design and print their own action figurines. 

“Quisque Infans Singularis Est” is our motto and understanding that “each child is unique.”