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From JK to Grade 8 

An inclusive community built on meaningful learning for life.

How Children See Themselves Matters

RDS is focused on developing independence through a child-centred, inquiry-based approach. In early years, students interact with provocations (creative work stations) that encourage independent problem solving skills and design-based thinking. Children learn about belonging and the importance of contributing through co-regulation, empathy and constructive conflict solving. Both classrooms and curricula are designed with the intention of being easily accessed and interpreted by children according to their age and comprehension level.  

“Quisque Infans Singularis Est” is our motto and understanding that “each child is unique.” 

Through Academic Preparation

Junior School and Middle School Students go on to utilize design-based thinking to engage in project-based learning that fosters deeper learning, dynamic leadership skills, and strong sense of purpose. The RDS Graduate is future-proof: able to adapt confidently and engage responsibly in an ever changing world. 

A Balanced Curriculum

RDS is proud to offer thorough academic preparation and character education within a culture of belonging. Our balanced approach begins at an early age with structured literacy, creative inquiry, experiential learning, and self-regulation.

The RDS Community offers a cross-curricular approach. What is taught in one class will be reflected upon in another. This type of multi-modality learning allows for students to access subjects like math and science from an art or music perspective.

For example, our Grade 8's learn how to mix, edit, and compose music on Digital Audio Workspaces (DAW's) while our Grade 4's use 3D printers to design and print their own action figurines. 

Program Highlights

  • A forward-focused pedagogical approach to inspire innovation and creativity.
  • Authentic and real-world learning experiences that go beyond the classroom.
  • Inquiry-based learning and design-based thinking drive student engagement and develop transferable skills.