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Building Confidence & Curiosity

Our Kindergarten classroom is a place of belonging, contributing, self-regulating and wellbeing while our curriculum invites young learners to discover and pursue what excites them under the guidance of engaged educators. Add to this a Structured Literacy Program, Art and Athletic Field Trips, Wonder Walks, Units of Inquiry and Emergent Science, the RDS Kindergarten experience offers a culturally responsive pedagogy while developing independence, self-confidence and curiosity about the world through a child-centred, inquiry-based approach.




Social-Emotional Wellbeing, Contributing & Self-Regulation


Co-regulation & Constructive Conflict Resolution


Wonder Walks, Outdoor Education & Field Trips


Structured Literacy, Design Projects & STEAM

The RDS Kindergarten curriculum scaffolds students' social-emotional skills with co-regulation techniques, creative problem solving exercises and a safe space to work through big feelings.


Our approach

  • CAPTURE the natural curiosity in each student to develop lifelong learners.

  • HONOUR and investigate each student's interests through an emergent curriculum.

  • ENGAGE students in their learning with inquiry-based explorations.

  • SUPPORT each student's innate desire to learn with a strong foundation in numeracy and literacy.

  • DEVELOP positive attitudes and engagement in a first rate physical education program.

How Children See Themselves Matters

The Kindergarten Program at RDS is focused on developing independence through a child-centred, inquiry-based approach. We are inspired by The Reggio Method and therefore design our classrooms to be reminiscent of home with items placed at eye-level and a focus on social-emotional learning. 

In class, students interact with provocations (creative work stations) that encourage independent problem solving skills and design-based thinking. Students learn about belonging and the importance of contributing through co-regulation, empathy and constructive conflict solving. Both classrooms and curricula are designed with the intention of being easily accessed and interpreted by children according to their age and comprehension level.


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