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Building Confidence & Character

Our Junior School Program is focused on developing independence, self-confidence and curiosity about the world. Innovative pedagogies such as Design Thinking and Inquiry-Based Learning are balanced with the fundamental skill-building required for student success. As students mature, they are guided to find their voice and purpose both intellectually and emotionally.


Authentic learning tasks that challenge and inspire.


Guided reading and support on a consistent basis.


Physical literacy and outdoor sports at top-tier facilities. 


Hands-on designed-based STEAM projects.

Our deeply connected community of passionate educators is dedicated to upholding a cross-curricular approach. What is taught in one class will be reflected upon in another. This type of multi-modality learning allows for students to access subjects like math and science from an art or music perspective. It serves to deepen understanding and provide real-life applications for what students are learning. 

Mrs. Laura Trought, Junior School Coordinator and Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher


Program Highlights

  • INQUIRY BASED LEARNING: Students in the Junior School develop questions, research topics, present to their classmates, and reflect on what they have learned;

  • GUIDED READING PROGRAM: Students in the Junior School are supported and enriched through weekly Guided Reading instruction at their individual reading level;

  • DYNAMIC PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM: Students in the Junior School have access to specialized units and sports, utilizing many of the world-class University of Toronto facilities.

  • DASH AND DOT CODING AND TECHNOLOGY: Students in the Junior School learn to use iPads, Chromebooks, and Dash-and-Dot coding programs as part of our Digital Literacy curriculum.

Our balanced approach to learning allows for students to develop a deeper meaning of the world around them. We know that children develop at their own pace and our cross-curricular style ensures that learning happens on a multi-modality level.