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Thorough Preparation & A Personal Sense of Purpose

RDS offers a future-focused, globally relevant pedagogy with cross-curricular learning that connects what students see in class to life in high school and beyond. Our culture is one that is built on meaningful learning for life.



Inquiry & Project-Based Learning


Investigate a Personal Sense of Purpose 


Place-Based & Future Proof


Character Building & Productive Failure

Program Highlights

  • A forward-focused pedagogical approach to inspire innovation and creativity.
  • Specialist teachers in all subject areas allow for greater delivery and academic rigour.
  • Authentic and real-world learning experiences that go beyond the classroom.
  • Inquiry-based learning and design thinking opportunities drive student engagement and develop transferable skills (collaboration, communication, critical thinking, innovation).

Building on the strong foundational elements and skills acquired in our Junior School, Middle School Students utilize design-thinking techniques to engage in project-based learning opportunities that foster deeper learning experiences and develop transferable skills. 

I believe students learn best when they are able to experience the concepts in a hands-on manner. When they can connect their learning to a tangible way and apply their knowledge to real-world solutions.

Mr. Scott Ramkissoon, STEAM Coordinator and Science Teacher