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We are leaders in differentiated instruction.

RDS offers a flexible and adaptive learning environment that accommodates individual differences so that all children can participate at grade level. Our robust student support from internal Learning Strategists and external partners is second to none. 

We honour different learning styles with thorough and consistent individualized attention.

"Our structured literacy program, Really Great Reading, helps students get active in their own reading journey and identify those who need extra support."

- Ms. Julia McCuaig, Student Success Centre Coordinator & Learning Strategist

About Universal Design

RDS offers flexible learning environments that accommodate individual learning differences so that children can participate at grade level. We believe that "fair is not equal, fair is everyone getting what they need to be successful." Some students require 1:1 support while others thrive in a small group environment. We recognize this and take great care to support the unique learning journeys of our students. 


About Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction is child-centered leaning tailored to suit individual strengths, abilities, and interests on a consistent basis with both internal and external partners while maintaining the child's academic, mental heath, and wellbeing top of mind.

Well Rounded Support

RDS's Student Success Team  organizes and oversees external support with mental health, social-emotional, and wellness partners.

Thorough Communication

Continuous cross-communication with parents, teachers, and other stakeholders to ensure students stay on track.

Honouring Student Diversity

Our inclusive learning environment and universal design approach value students' unique character and individual background. 

A different way of looking at it

At RDS, we empower our students through challenges with an attitude of 'productive failure' and a strong growth mindset.

Our external partners include Toronto's leader in Child & Family Therapy, Attuned Families, for teacher education, student workshops for social-emotional wellbeing, and 1:1 support. We also work closely with: 

  • Family and Child Development Therapists,
  • Speech Pathologists, and
  • Occupational Therapists.

Second Step

Our Second Step Program (integrated from JK - Grade 8) involves units that build upon each other such as conflict resolution, self-regulation, and productive peer relationships. We believe in promotion and prevention for all and when we identify a student who has more significant needs, we act with diligence and multi-stakeholder coordination. To learn more about our Student Success Centre or our School, click here to schedule a meeting with our Director of Enrolment. 

Our students receive best in class Active Assessment & Intervention 

Executive Functioning Development

In the Middle School, our Grade 6 to 8 Learning Strategies course focuses on executive functioning skills while exploring units that cover Personal Knowledge, Organization and Management Skills, Interpersonal Knowledge and Skills, Transition, Learning Skills, and Life Skills. Through the use of open-ended inquiry projects and targeted assignments the Learning Strategies course helps students recognize their own use of their executive functioning skills in a natural and self-reflective way.