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We are committed to the growth and development of our people, building a forward thinking and highly engaged team that is passionate about our community and creating a culture of collaboration and belonging to achieve our mission and vision.

RDS is always looking for talented, dynamic staff and faculty to join our high-performing team. All positions support our Vision, Mission, and Values. We offer: 

  • An inspirational working environment with a supportive community 
  • Engaged and dedicated student body
  • Supported professional learning and growth opportunities
  • Comprehensive compensation and benefits package for all employees
Please address employment inquiries by e-mail to and see below for current opportunities.

Core Competencies of the RDS Employees


Acts decisively to tackle difficult problems and persevere in the face of adversity.

Relationship Acuity

Builds healthy, strong relationships among employees, peers, students, parents and the larger RDS community.


Ability to find solutions and methods to remove roadblocks to achieve and accomplish what is expected


Speaks and writes clearly and consistently with consideration of the audience and able to express ideas thoughts and feelings effectively. Attentive and active listening.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Adapts to meet the challenges of a dynamic environment, while being able to adjust to, learn from, and embrace change as necessary for future success.


Actively demonstrates and encourages the minds and energy of students and staff for the benefit the entire RDS Community.

Integrity and trust

Demonstrates respect, honesty and transparency in all interactions to earn and maintains confidence and credibility. Reliable and counted on honouring their words and actions.


Demonstrates strong receptivity to suggestions and a keenness toward exploring a wide range of possibilities. Visibly considers other perspectives and approaches.