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"My favourite part about teaching at RDS are the relationships I have with my colleagues, students, and parents. Working in a supportive community like this, I am reminded everyday that we all have one goal: student success in body, mind, and character. This partnership is what makes my job so rewarding." Ms. Anna Recknagel, Art Teacher

At RDS, we are proud of a comprehensive and culturally responsive Art Program that: 


  • Fosters creativity and development from a young age. 
  • Provides strong art history and cultural context to art.
  • Engages students with innovative projects while being in line with the art education ideas of the Ontario Curriculum. 
  • Finds cross-cultural links to enhance students' understanding of art and meaning in a global context. 
  • Provides in-person Art Gallery experiences with the AGO and the unique resources available to us in our community.