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The coolest part about being in my 9th year at RDS is the ability to see the growth in the students over the years. I have always thought about how young kids see themselves as artists and over the years many people lose that sense. When I teach, I seek out ways to build confidence that can sustain the feeling of being an artist over time.

Mrs. Rubie, Art Teacher


At RDS, we are proud of a comprehensive and culturally responsive art program that: 

  • Fosters creativity and development from a young age. 
  • Provides strong art history and cultural context to art.
  • Engages students with innovative projects while being in line with the art education ideas of the Ontario Curriculum. 
  • Finds cross-cultural links to enhance students' understanding of art and meaning in a global context. 
  • Provides in-person Art Gallery experiences with the AGO and the unique resources available to us in our community. 

Inspired by the Reggio method, artistic inquiry and appreciation for the natural world around us an integral part of our pedagogy.