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Emotional Wellbeing & Physical Literacy Go Hand-In-HandThe RDS Phys Ed journey starts in Kindergarten with fundamental movement and incorporates co-regulation, team problem solving, and opportunities to contribute productively as a leader. Students learn in an inclusive, barrier-free environment about healthy decision-making in ways that are personally relevant to their lives. Motor skills and physical acuity at top-tier facilities are just the beginning. 

World Class Facilities

Students at RDS get to enjoy a variety of programming opportunities thanks to our proximity to wonderful downtown athletic facilities. We leverage our downtown footprint and utilize the world class facilities at The University of Toronto and other nearby private institutions. From Swimming in the Olympic Pool to playing squash at a nearby private club or developing confidence on the ice skating at Varsity Arena, RDS students experience an enriching physical education program where everyone can experience the pure joy of sports, games, and movement. 

A lifelong love of sport comes from a safe & Inclusive environment

Teachers, coaches and activity leaders continually work to foster physical and emotional safety, a sense of belonging, joy and mastery of sport. 


"Imagine learning to play squash from a professional coach. Or swimming in the same lanes as top varsity athletes. In addition to comprehensive sports units on ice, land and water at globally recognized athletic facilities, our curriculum weaves Yoga, Personal Fitness, and games like Ultimate Frisbee into the mix. The RDS Physical Education program offers inclusive and meaningful opportunities that develop the lifelong physical literacy of all students. We know that play-based movement has innumerable mental, social-developmental and brain-health benefits"

Ms. Tory Boeckh, Director of Student Life