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Design-driven & future-proof

RDS Students learn how to apply design-based solutions to math, science, and arts challenges using new and skill-level appropriate tools, machines and games. This makes projects fun, accessible, and applicable to students' lives.

Students gain frequent and first-hand experience with laser cutters and rapid prototyping in our newly updated Innovation Lab. Rather than memorizing, our STEAM program uses hands-on tools like 3D printers, robotics, coding games and fully stocked Maker Carts to give learners the freedom to implement problem solving strategies creatively and design in a way that intrigues and engages them. 

By the time students reach Middle School, they are regularly integrating what they are learning with real-world scenarios. Not only are they seeing how STEAM applies to life beyond the classroom, they are iterating on their role within the context of future innovation and artistic design. Productive failure in a highly supportive and safe environment allows students to see what the future looks like and to know, with confidence, that they play an integral role in creating it. 


Global Competencies Across Multi-Modalities


Sustainability & Biology


Coding, Design & 3D Printing


Robotics & Electronics

Concepts around design-based solutions start in Kindergarten and continue through to Grade 8, gradually building upon skill level and continuously integrating subjects like Music and Art.

RDS boasts conscious academic integration across all subjects so that students can take what they learn in one class and express it uniquely in another. This boosts engagement and deepens the learning experience. 

Our curriculum also connects theoretical knowledge to application through critical thinking skills, dynamic problem solving and productive failure.