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A Chance To Engage, Explore and Excel At Every LevelRDS develops the health and physical literacy of each student in an inclusive environment with meaningful opportunities.



Learn, play and compete on land, water, and ice at top-tier facilities. 



Social conflict resolution, self-refereeing, and leadership development.



Motor-skills and sports acuity from top coaches. 

Cross-Country at RDS

We are especially proud of, and known for, our cross-country program. RDS regularly hosts events with over 700 students from multiple schools. Our famous Annual Harrier Run is a high-energy, fun and competitive event that students look forward to. We are also proud hosts and organizers of the Withrow Cup which is a well-attended cross-country event with 10-12 schools in attendance. 

Physical literacy starts early and continues throughout students' time at RDS by giving them the tools and motivation to move competently and confidently.


In order to promote a love of lifelong physical activity, we ensure all of our units are meaningful with a goal to develop the physical literacy and health literacy of students. This gives them the confidence to try new things as well as to acquire life skills like working with others, problem solving, and social conflict resolution. Students learn how to be both the leader and a productive team mate. 

With five Gryphon Teams, RDS is a member of both SSAF and CISAA, and students have the chance to compete as early as grade 1. In the fall, our cross-country team is incredibly popular and our now-famous Withrow Cup offers fun inter-school competition that many look forward to every year. Other popular events include the Harrier Cup and Terry Fox Run. From Grade 3 onward, students have the opportunity to compete in Basketball and Swimming at top-tier facilities like UofT and RCYC.