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The House System & Co-curriculars

Desmond, Hughes, Laws, and Peltier


Named after prominent Canadians, the House System at RDS is comprised of four houses that compete in inter-house competitions each year. Each house is co-ed and comprised of students and faculty. The competitions foster school spirit, solidify a sense of belonging and create meaningful relationships to enrich a student’s experience at RDS. 

As part of RDS’s commitment to DEIJ (diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice), we have chosen to rename our four RDS house teams with the hope of moving away from Colonialism and dismantling systems of racism and discrimination. This community action item is well underway in our classrooms, as students from JK to Grade 8 have been learning about iconic Canadians who are being considered for the renaming of our RDS houses. 

Leadership Committees

There are four leadership committees: DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice), House, Service Learning, and Environmental, that provide students with further leadership experience in diverse settings.

The Grade 7 and 8 students select a committee of interest, and the Grade 6 students have the opportunity to sample and be leaders in each of these committees on a rotational basis.


Clubs are a great avenue for students to explore news skills and talents. We do our best to offer a wide array of club experiences and encourage students and parents to let us know of any new club ideas for the future. Clubs generally take place after-school unless otherwise noted. We offer 4 club sessions during the year: Fall #1 (September to October), Fall #2 (November to December), Winter (January to February) and Spring (April to May).

Popular Club offerings include:

Arts & Crafts                                                  
Comic Book Design                               
Environmental Club                                     
Flag Football                                            
Glow Club
In the Mix Dance                                                                                               
Jumping Clay                                            
Little Bits Engineering
Little Chefs Cooking
Mega Hoops
RDS Hockey League
Scientists in School

*Please be advised that not all Clubs are open to all grades