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Academic Highlight: Grade 4 to 6 After-Dinner Speech Competition

Each year, students in Grades 4, 5, and 6 participate in the annual RDS Speech Competition as part of our Language Arts curriculum. Students spent time learning different strategies on how to research, write, and present After-Dinner Speeches.

After much hard work writing, revising, and memorizing their speeches, students had the opportunity to present their speeches to their classmates and teachers at the end of February. A huge congratulations goes out to everyone for their diligence and for their impressive presentation skills. This past Wednesday, ten finalists participated in the RDS Speech Competition.

Grade 4: Dagny, Hudson, Akshita, Emilio

Grade 5: Emma, Matthew, Vivienne

Grade 6: Arya, Dennis, Harper

We heard dynamic and entertaining After-Dinner Speeches regarding a wide variety of topics, including The Great Escape, The Speech of Adulthood and The Quality of Dog Food to name a few. Next term we look forward to finding out the RDS Speech Competition results during our first student assembly.

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RDS Wins Future Prize Competition

We are thrilled to announce that Hanna, Joel, Aria, (and Ms. Thibeault) emerged victorious, bringing home the win for RDS! Their dedication, creativity, and problem-solving skills truly shone through.

Academic Highlight: Recognizing Black History Month Awareness at RDS

February marks the beginning of Black History Month with the theme of Black Excellence: A Heritage to Celebrate; a Future to Build. Throughout the month of February, important teaching and learning in recognition of Black History Month is taking place across the school and curriculum. Please see below for some academic highlights from our Junior School.