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Program Highlight: Grade 7 & 8 Health Workshops

As part of our continued initiatives surrounding social-emotional learning and mental health, we were excited to host Next Gen Men and Attuned Families for a Grade 7 & 8 Health Workshop on Friday the 19th. 

Students explored social-emotional learning and mental health challenges in two different groups, depending upon which gender they identify with. Gryphons had many questions and contributed  with thoughtful, inclusive and interesting perspectives. Read on to learn more about Next Gen MenAttuned Families, and the topics of today’s workshops. 

About Next Gen Men

Next Gen Men is a nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging, educating, and empowering boys and men around gender and masculinity. The organization's mission is to create a supportive community where individuals can explore and redefine the meaning of masculinity, emphasizing values such as curiosity, equity, courage, and empathy. 

Next Gen Men's initiatives extend across various platforms, including community gatherings, educational programming, and online resources, with a focus on building empathetic, accountable, and courageous advocates for gender equality who are anchored in positive masculinity. Through impactful community events and educational programs, Next Gen Men aims to foster healthy masculinity, promote gender equality, and address the societal constraints and pressures faced by boys and young men. 

During the workshop, students who identify as male worked with Next Gen Men who returned to RDS for the fourth time. Students worked to develop their understanding of mental wellbeing and identify sources of mental health struggles. Using an activity called the ‘Web of Support,’ the group discussed healthy versus unhealthy strategies for dealing with adversity. Grade 7 and 8 students learned about the different forms of support they can rely on for help with mental health and explored why it can be hard for boys to ask for help.

About Attuned Families

Attuned Families is our partner in social-emotional and mental health. With evidence-based services, the High Park based therapy group offers parents and children the ability to build stronger connections and improve communication, resulting in a healthier and happier family life. Attuned Families supports families of children with Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Learning Difficulties, and other diagnoses, as well as children who are struggling and don’t have a diagnosis. 

Students who identify as female worked with Attuned Families during the workshop and explored social-emotional learning and mental health challenges unique to the female-identity. Female-identifying students of this age face many pressures from media and peers and our students discussed these challenges while learning strategies for coping, and building resilience and a strong self-concept and confidence. Students discussed how to empower themselves and each other, and how to navigate mental health and social challenges.

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